Tax Planning and Preparation Services

Savvy business owners and individuals know that tax planning is not a once-a-year proposition. The only way to minimize your tax liability is through careful, strategic planning conducted in conjunction with a qualified Charlotte CPA firm.

Call us at 704-688-5995 to find out why David Love CPA PLLC has become the firm of choice when it comes to tax planning and preparation. We're experts at reviewing your current situation and helping you design a sound, responsible plan that will work for you, and we'll revise that plan as your needs evolve. You won't need to worry about staying on top of fluctuating tax laws because we'll do that for you. By working with us to make tax planning part of your overall financial strategy, you'll save money and reduce stress, and when the time comes, we'll prepare your tax returns accurately and file them for you.

Your initial consultation is completely free and there is absolutely no obligation to use any of our tax services, which include:

  • Preparation of tax returns for individuals and corporations
  • State and local taxes
  • IRS audit assistance and problem resolution
  • E-file